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Sellars 55207 Big Grip Blue Shop Towel Refill are soft on hands and face, absorbent, and won’t fall apart, even when wet. Made from DRC (double recrepe), they are ideal for all medium-duty general purpose wiping applications. Blue shop towels help hide grease and grime better than white shop towels allowing for more use before being discarded. Sellars shop towels contain 40 percent post-consumer recycled fibers and 10 percent post-industrial recycled fibers meeting the EPA comprehensive procurement guidelines. Water resistant packaging, peel and reseal top, and cardboard dispensing disk.

  • 40% post-consumer recycled fibers
  • Meets EPA comprehensive procurement guidelines
  • Water resistant packaging
  • Made in the USA

Sellars 55207 Big Grip Blue Shop Towel, Blue, 10x12, 200/rl

SKU: SELL55207

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